Who we are!

The courses at Joost Weet Het! are done by experienced and passionate teachers. During the years they developed their own system to teach you effectively the dutch language. They will go on wih this, because language is developing. And so are they!

Joost Smits is a social economist and violinist. Since 8 years he is teaching dutch, french and economic science. He speaks fluently Spanish, English, French and German as a foreign language.

Jolanda Jorna studied Cultural and Societal development. Since 3 years she is teaching Dutch and in her free time she is studies Antropology. Jolanda is addicted to Brazil and has a preference for the Portuguese language. Our Portuguese speaking students are very welcome with her!

Esmarel Gasman is a creative therapist. She has experience as dramateacher and since one year she is teaching Dutch. Through her background her classes have a playful character, with role games and expression games. Esmarel is a passionate traveler and salsadancer. That's why she speaks different languages, like Spanish, French, German and Papiamentu.

All teachers have the city of Amsterdam as their home base.


Uitsmijter: Noun of the verb 'uitsmijten' (to throw out).

Also a sandwich with fried eggs..