Joost Weet Het! is not only learning. You are here in Holland to live. That's why Joost Weet Het! always organises a numbre of practices. From fox-hunting in the vondelpark to shopping and from ice-skating to practice 7.3: "Make a classical dutch menu". These lessons are not only very educative, they're also very nice and you learn to know your fellow students in an informal way. The trips are sometimes outside the lessons.

Among the numerous activities we had are:

  • 'Fox hunting' in the Vondelpark
  • Buying flowers at the flower market
  • 'Sinterklaas'
  • Ice skating
  • To drink "Koffie Verkeerd"
  • Make'Boerenkoolstamppot' (typical dutch cuisine).
  • Go to the Police and tell that your bike (like so many times in Amsterdam) has been stolen again.
Ice Skating


Van haver tot gort kennen:
Iemand of iets heel goed kennen,
to know someone or something very well.